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Transmission type corrispondence

Discussions of ESPcalculator utility
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Transmission type corrispondence

Post by gelotus » 22 Nov 2020 00:23

First let me giving thanks to the author for this useful tool give out for free.
In my adventures with dashboard swapping I've fell in the common issue of ABS coding lost.
Fortunately I'd a previous scan of it, so I've tried this tool for curiosity.
The result was almost right. I have a Polo 6r hatch CAYB with 256mm front 232 rear disks, manual transmission, TPMS XDS HHC and the button deactivates only ASR, ESP 9.0i, the result coding is 21DD2885212400C4841A146A845500420905, the factory original coding is 21DD2885412400C4841A146A825500420905 that corresponds to automatic transmission. I've try to enter the calculated code but it was rejected. Is the original code wrong from factory or there is a something to see in the calculator?

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Re: Transmission type corrispondence

Post by skodapilot » 23 Nov 2020 14:50

I will check. It seems error in code

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