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bin to sgo

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Re: bin to sgo

Post by kriselektro » 06 Mar 2020 00:31

I have no patience for this vaga ;)

I still have a checksum problem, the worst is that vcp flashing, each attempt lasts 4.5 hours and only at the end I inform about the sum problem

file mod_fault.sgo 3C7BA9D9
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Re: bin to sgo

Post by skodapilot » 06 Mar 2020 11:36

It seems now it is internal CRC or data signature problem. ECU check data after flashing buty it failed

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Re: bin to sgo

Post by kriselektro » 01 Apr 2020 23:16

There are people who upload these sgo files with new messages and it works, I am looking for information all the time but it's hard.
Are there any other tools that change bin for sgo? Alternatively, how do you find out about the sgo file structures? :roll:

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Re: bin to sgo

Post by greyfox1998 » 21 Sep 2021 16:10

Any success with this? I'm also currently wanting to do the string changing. What I also "found out" is:
  • Use HxD for binary file editing
  • Use "checksum-32" to see the checksum of the file
  • Original sgo file shows checksum "3C7BAB62"
  • If you DEselect first 2 and last 4 bytes, it is exactly 3C7BAA00
Now, after modifying only 1 string (changed the PortuguĂŞs to Hrvatski), the generated sgo has checksum "3C7BAE2D".
DEselecting first 2 bytes and last 4 bytes this time doesn't give the "correct checkum" which is shown by VCP.
This time, the calculated checksum is "3C7BACCB", and VCP shows "3C7BABE5". Maybe we need to adapt these bytes for the Concert III to accept the flash?

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