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Fuel reserve volume

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Fuel reserve volume

Post by mateuszmiast » 14 May 2019 14:38


I can read in russian but writing for me is a nightmare, so replies can be in russian. I learned russian by myself.

Where I can find fuel reserve volume in 24C64 eeprom? I installed 7N0920880J cluster in 2015 Scirocco instead of 1K8920875G. Changed almost everything, made all lamps showing in proper places (0A scheme) but fuel reserve lamp comes on too early (when I have almost 1/3 tank of diesel). Information showes fuel reserve please refuel. Range: 200 km (usually). I changed gauges curve and fuel tank volume from ~70l in Sharan to 55l in Scirocco.

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Re: Fuel reserve volume

Post by 1 6 D » 18 May 2019 12:04

I remember that in VASPC there was adaptation of reserve volume, in ODIS-E I can't find this adaptation, maybe it's in ODIS-S.

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