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Golf MK6 DRLs as Parking Lights

Discussions of VAGHelper utility and everything regarding light schemes of platform PQ35/46
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Golf MK6 DRLs as Parking Lights

Post by H4MZ4 » 03 Aug 2021 23:27

Hello, first I would like to show my appreciation for this tool! I thought it was only possible on MK5 and MK7 to customise the lighting which mods such as US Indicators but this tool has made it possible to easily be done for MK6 too.

Originally my MK6 Golf didn't come with Fog Lights, therefore I added them myself however as I didn't like the original DRLs, I cut the original DRL wiring (A28 and A6) and wired them to my Fog Lights.

So far the Fog Lights work perfect as DRL's and CH/LH, but I would like them to also work as parking lights though when I set the coding via VAGHelper as Daytime Running Lights and Parking Lights then they will only function as Parking Lights, and be non functional as Daytime Running Lights.

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