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Using FRF.dll

Discussions of FRF files support

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Using FRF.dll

Post by skodapilot » 20 Sep 2019 13:06

Actual version:
FRF size limitation: 10MB

Only two methods are available in FRFManager:

Code: Select all

/// <param name="frfFilePath">absolute path to FRF file</param>
/// <param name="exportDirName">optional, subdirectory name</param>
/// <returns>list of exported file's pathes</returns>
public static List<string> Unpack(string frfFilePath, string exportDirName = "")

public static async Task<List<string>> UnpackAsync(string frfFilePath, string exportDirName = "")
So calling like

Code: Select all

List<string> unpackedFiles = await FrfManager.UnpackAsync(frfFilePath);
If subdiretory name is not defined, name of FRF file will be used as subdirectory name. Subdirectory is allways created in directory of FRF file location

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